From a patent to an association trademark

Albert Büttner from Lauf obtained a patent in the year 1926 for his connector combined with an earthing device. He was the founder of Bayerische Elektrozubehör A.G. in Lauf, Pegnitz (present name: ABL SURSUM Bayerische Elektrozubehör GmbH und Co. KG). The SCHUKO trademark was registered in 1930. The proprietor of the trademark was AEG. The SCHUKO-Warenzeichenverband e.V. (SCHUKO-WZV) was founded in the 1950s and later the rights of the trademark were transferred to the association. The purpose of the SCHUKO-WZV is the maintenance and the protection of the trademark “SCHUKO“ (word- and figurative mark) as a association trademark in Germany and other countries. The association provides the trademark as association mark to the members.